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What We’re Reading: Crucial Conversations

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Share…FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailWhen you think of crucial conversations, what comes to mind? Is it a certain person, such as a boss or a significant other? Is it a certain topic, like raising your kids or managing finances? We all have certain people who we either struggle to communicate with (think: your teenager), or certain people with whom we often discuss very serious, sensitive subjects (think: your spouse, your business partner, etc.). In addition, we also each have a few topics of conversation that make us uncomfortable or nervous. It might be politics, it might be money, it might be discussions about the…

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Pray to God, but row to shore

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Share…FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailI grew up in the 80’s when the decor was a mix between dusty pastels and rustic country. There are many reasons the 80’s were a great decade, but interior design is not on that list. Every morning breakfast was served at the kitchen table which looked out a patio door bordered by all sorts of strange antique kitchen gadgets. Amongst the old serving utensils and egg beaters was a wooden spoon bearing a tiny painted boat and the phrase, “Pray to God, but row to shore.” I looked at that spoon and its message every morning for at least…

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