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If you read nothing else know this: Lisa Keller is one of the best trauma-informed therapists that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing & working with.

It has taken me a long time to write this review; I started working with Lisa almost over 2 years ago and finally have words to describe some of the work we have done together. Magical is one that comes to mind, but also challenging, painful, and lengthy.

Thanks to Lisa & Life Insight, I was saved from a life that I wasn’t really living; I had no idea what I started almost two years ago, but it has turned into one heck of an adventure. Originally I sought Life Insight out because I knew there was more, that I wanted more, but I had no idea what it would take to get there; well that and they took my insurance (BCBS).

Lisa is unique because she has strong roots in understanding and treating different types of trauma; her level of compassion, professionalism, humor, and empathy is something I have never found before all in one therapist. She introduced me to something called EMDR which has a fancy scientific name but I mostly call it magic. It’s magic not because its easy or fun, but because it works and it works well. I would be lying if I said every session was pleasant; when I derail ranting about my days Lisa often brings us back to task working hard to make my life better.

In just two years, which somehow seems long & short, I’ve regained so many things that I had lost but never realized where gone. I’m still deep in the weeds working my way out but I promise you there is a way out. If you are looking for a review to tell you its time, take the leap, make the call or email, then this it. Do it. Eventually your view of yourself will change, and I hope that when you get to meet that person you have someone like Lisa & the folks at Life Insight by your side helping you along the way.



So grateful to have found Life Insight! I have seen such an amazing change with my family member almost immediately. Very comfortable and welcoming office. Jada is their therapist and she is absolutely AMAZING! I HIGHLY recommend Life Insight!



I cannot say enough good things about Life Insight, but mainly Allie. She saved my life and that is not an exaggeration. When I walked into her office I was in my most darkest moment and she knew exactly what I needed from day one. She has not only helped me, but she has also helped two other very important people in my life. I was extremely lucky to have found both Allie and Life Insight when I did, because without their services I do not know where I would be.



Such an amazing practice! Sarah and her team provide the best services in the area!


I can’t thank you enough for going on this journey with all of us. You helped our daughter grow in confidence and coping skills to get through Junior High…



Life Insight is a fantastic practice. This is where I would send my family members!



Very happy with the services offered here, thank you!



Professional and helpful staff.



I’ll just say that my counselor is very attentive and really helps me out.



My counselor is very understanding of my situation and has helped me immensely in the very short time I’ve been seeing her.



Life Insight is a wonderful practice. If you are looking for a great therapists you’re in the right place.



Sarah is awesome and grounds you when you need to be however so helpful in so many stages. Never met a person that has helped so much w/o RX! Thank you!

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