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At Life Insight, our therapists offer clients a wide range of treatment options.

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Life can be challenging, but you don’t have to go it alone. If you are ready to stop struggling and enjoy what life has to offer, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer therapy and counseling services to our clients in the following areas:

Anxiety is a silent weight you carry with you every single day. Let us lift that weight off your shoulders so you can step into lighter ...
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Your children are your world. Let’s make that world a happier place. Today’s kids have to face pressures we, as parents, never had to deal ...
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At Life Insight, we are a collaborative team of highly-trained and experienced therapists. We work hard to ensure that work feels more like family and ...
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There is hope and a way out. Let us lead you there. The fog of depression can leave you feeling both numb and hurting at ...
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The battle against an eating disorder has little to do with food. We’ll help you fight the cause, then support you in the recovery process ...
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Do you want more out of your relationships? More connection? More trust? More communication? Whether you are struggling through major conflict, or just want to ...
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Losing a loved one is a difficult thing for nearly everyone to experience. For some people, however, losing a loved one can be extremely traumatic, ...
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You’ve got goals. We’ll help you reach them. If you have big dreams, but don’t know how to achieve them, then you might be a ...
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Life is stressful. We’ll give you the tools to cope. There is no getting around the fact that life is stressful. The constant demands, transitions ...
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The only thing harder than being a teenager is raising one. Let us help you find harmony and connection with your teen. As a parent, ...
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Life is always changing. We can help you navigate through change without losing your mind. Life is a series of transitions that come in all ...
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You are not defined by the bad things that have happened to you. We will help you navigate the waters of PTSD. Unfortunately, trauma is ...
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Life Insight serves clients in Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, Oak Brook, LaGrange, Burr Ridge, Western Springs, Elmhurst, Willowbrook, Westmont, Darien, and Downers Grove. Partner with us to gain the insight and skills you need to live a good life!

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What Our Past Clients Have To Say

We Are Open For Business

What a week for our world. As everyone tries to adapt to a new sense of normal amidst an ever-changing landscape, we've all been asked to do things differently. And humans do not like change! We crave the familiar, the predictable, the known. One of the ways we are encouraging our community to stay healthy during this time is to keep as much routine and consistency as possible, including self-care and support.

We understand the anxiety and worries that are in the world right now, we also understand the importance of connection and care and healing. We are moving all of our appointments to Telehealth sessions as of Monday, March 23rd. While this may be a different way of doing things for some of you, it allows us to be a consistent source of support for our community.

Our practice has been using telehealth for over two years, and we have a HIPAA compliant platform in place that is really quite simple to use for our sessions. All of our therapists are able to walk you through getting used to your first telehealth session and not much will be different other than you'll show up online instead of at the offices.

In fact, we're still taking new clients during this time, so if you are feeling like you'd like to talk to someone or know of someone in need of extra support right now, let them know that we are here to help. You can call or text our offices at: 630-563-0044 or sign up online via the "Book Appointment Online" button on our website. 

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