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Understanding Triggers and How to Handle Them

In the context of mental health, a trigger is a stimulus, such as a memory, situation or environment, that causes an intense emotional...

Decoding Common Therapy Approaches

Have you ever searched for a therapist and read a bunch of acronyms (PCT, ACT, DBT, XYZ?) defining how they work and you're...

The Relationship Between Sleep & Mental Health

Research suggests that sleep and mental health have a complicated relationship. Sleep disturbances, insomnia, and trouble falling or staying asleep have been linked...

Healing Trauma in the Body

What is Dissociation? When we experience trauma, our minds can sometimes malfunction: turning our traumatic memories into fragments of body sensations or images....

A Self-Care Plan for Survivors

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) 2021 Trigger Warning: These conversations can stir up difficult and complicated feelings, memories, and experiences. Reach out to...

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