Child Counseling

Child Counseling

Your children are your world. Let’s make that world a happier place.

Today’s kids have to face pressures we, as parents, never had to deal with. The world is not nearly as simple as it used to be, and that can take a toll on our children.

If your child is having difficult behavioral outbursts, high levels of anxiety, worrisome depression, or emotions that feel big and erratic, then we are here to help. 

At Life Insight we will work 1:1 with your child to encourage, empower and equip them. We will also work simultaneously with you to ensure your family as a whole can live with a little more peace and a little less struggle. 

We have several therapists who are incredibly experienced and well-trained when it comes to working with children that struggle either in the home or at school. 

We can work with your child on:

Our goal is to make therapy feel fun so that your child doesn’t mind coming to see us, and so you can get the help you need. We use a play therapy approach that allows us to pull out what’s going on inside of your child while teaching them skills to manage emotions and cope with life’s stressors.

We know how much you love your child and how hard it can be when things are off. 

We are here to support you and your child through difficult seasons so your family can find happier, easier rhythms of life. 

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