Teen Counseling

It is Hard Being a Teenager. 

Let us help your teen and family find more peace.

Teens now face more pressure, less free time, higher social expectations, and thanks to social media, no anonymity to make mistakes. They navigate their school, activities, and relationships with parents and peers; simultaneously, the body and brain can throw a curveball at teens. This can be a struggle for even the healthiest of teens as they develop into their own unique self. We can help you and your teen navigate these challenging—but exciting—years through adolescent counseling.

We understand that parents can feel ill-prepared to parent their changing kids. What used to work in the past may set off an emotional roller coaster, and issues you thought you would avoid or not see until at least high school may pop up earlier than expected. This is where teen counseling can help.


Our team works with teens and parents to explore challenges, provide support, and learn new ways of coping specific to you and your teen’s needs. 


Our Therapists Can Help with Teen Counseling

At Life Insight, our Hinsdale based therapists help parents and teens navigate their journey through teen counseling. Give us a call (630) 563-0044 or contact us about teen counseling using the form below.