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How to Talk to Your Kids About Race

June 17, 2020

Our very own Life Insight therapist Alexis Cameron was featured in a June article of the Hinsdalean discussing the importance of discussing race with our kids and how to provide open, effective spaces for these conversations.

We found three major takeaways to keep in mind when deciding how to discuss this important topic with your kids. Read the full article for more insight and descriptions.

  1. Don’t sugarcoat it. Racism is a tough topic, we totally get it. You may not be fully clear on your own views. But it is so important. Be honest and straightforward as is developmentally appropriate. Remember: kids are resilient! Silence and “color blindness” are not just unhelpful, they are harmful.
  2. Enter into the discomfort. It’s ok if your child has questions that you can’t answer! Be honest with them, and take it as an opportunity to learn together – this is so impactful as it teaches your kids that everyone is learning and trying to be better all the time – even you!

“Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable nurtures transformation”

  1. Limit exposure to the media. It’s ok for your child to hear and see what’s going on in the world. They are growing up in a time where media is everywhere and it’s hard to avoid. It’s important for parents to set up times and spaces away from the media for kids to feel safe talking about what they have seen and how they feel.

“Parents can play an important role in the development of socially just children who can grow up to be advocates for justice & equality.”

                                                                        -Alexis Cameron, MA, LPC

Thank you so much, Alexis, for sharing your experience and insight in this article.

As an additional resource, this New York Times article shares a list of books helpful for introducing the topic of race and discussing race with children of all ages.

If you or your children need more support, please reach out to us to schedule an appointment with our adult and child therapists. We are here to help.

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