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Coping Mechanisms to Heal from Grief 

February 15, 2023

Undergoing a traumatic event can have a lasting impact. Whether it’s losing a loved one, being involved in a serious accident, or experiencing another loss, it can take weeks, months, and sometimes even a lifetime to process and heal from grief. At Life Insight, our therapists provide mental health services for those who have suffered loss. If you are dealing with grief and need help developing coping mechanisms to heal from your grief, our therapists can help. As you work through your grief, here are a few coping mechanisms that may help—


Talking about your grief is something that may help you to process and confront your grief. In addition to sharing your current feelings, it may also be helpful to discuss past favorite memories if you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one. Not only does sharing allow you to process grief aloud, but it can also be a signal for others to support you. 

Self Love

Being kind to yourself is an important part of healing during the grief process. It is perfectly normal to experience grief after significant loss, and there is no wrong way to feel or experience grief. That being said, it is also normal to feel bad or embarrassed about the way you are experiencing grief. If this sounds like you, remember that whatever you are going through is perfectly normal. You can reinforce this by engaging in acts of self-love, such as eating right, setting good sleep habits, exercising, and taking time for your mental health. 

Letting Yourself Experience Your Grief

Allowing grief is a very important part of the grief journey and is essential to long-term healing. Allowing your grief means taking time to experience grief, journaling, taking time to think about your loved one and your loss, and allowing yourself to cry. Crying actually helps to calm the body by releasing oxytocin and endorphins. In addition to being a self-soothing mechanism, crying also signals to others that support is needed. 

Get the Help You Need Today

When grief is overwhelming and coping with grief feels impossible to do on your own, reaching out for support is strongly recommended. Friends and family are there to provide you with support and love—but to help you take steps to process your grief, you may consider working with a grief therapist. At Life Insight, our therapists have years of experience helping patients along their grief journeys and will work with you to set goals relating to coping with and processing your grief. To learn more, call our therapists today to schedule your first appointment. You can also book an appointment online. 

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