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Marriage counseling. Marital therapy. Relationship counseling. Whatever you call it, when your relationship is on rocky waters, it’s important to seek the help of a licensed marriage therapist. At Life Insight, our experienced, compassionate therapists help countless couples to rejuvenate their relationships and reignite the spark in their dimming marriage. If you’re seeking marriage counseling near Clarendon Hills, reach out to our team.

What Can I Expect in Marriage Counseling?

Many individuals put off starting therapy because they’re unsure of what to expect. Even more, couples neglect to receive the professional help they need because they don’t want to feel vulnerable in an already complicated situation. At Life Insight, our therapists have a subtle approach to marriage counseling near Clarendon Hills that helps to keep you and your spouse comfortable throughout every session. Some of what you can expect when you meet with our therapists include:

  • Identify Underlying Problems: If you’re experiencing constant conflict in your marriage, chances are there is some underlying problem that has not been addressed. You may not even be aware that there is something wrong. Our job as therapists is to help you uncover these problems and approach them with a resolution-center mindset.
  • Discuss Communication Strategies: Communication breakdowns are a prevalent problem in relationships – especially marriages. Life Insight’s therapists help you to identify these breakdowns and work to patch up the holes so that your voice will no longer fail to reach your spouse.
  • Set Goals Together: Whether you’re looking to spend more time together, get to know each other’s love language better, or do new things together, it’s important to set your couple-centered goals together. Your therapist will help you to create a plan that makes achieving these goals possible and will help to keep you both accountable for reaching these objectives.
  • Express Your Feelings and Be Heard: Arguably, one of the most important and valuable parts of marriage counseling near Clarendon Hills is the ability to feel heard and understood by not just your partner but also your therapist. Our job is to offer you and your spouse a safe space to express how you are feeling and identify what your significant other is doing that is making you feel this way.

Does Marriage Counseling Work?

It’s natural for those who have never participated in therapy to be skeptical of the effectiveness of marriage counseling near Clarendon Hills. After all, it’s a large investment of your time and attention – both of which seem to be in short supply. However, when you take the leap of faith and schedule your first session, you’ll likely find you feel better. Taking time out of your week to come together with your spouse and therapist to discuss what is bothering you and receiving the support you need to mend the injuries your relationship has faced in the past will make a significant, positive impact on your relationship. 

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If you feel your relationship is in need of some TLC, contact the therapists at Life Insight. We offer professional marriage counseling near Clarendon Hills. Call our office today to schedule your appointment.

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