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Experiencing stress is a normal–and even a healthy–part of life. Indeed, stress can feel draining, but stress is also something that aids in survival and performance. For some people though, stress goes beyond periods of feeling tense or under the weather when facing difficulties or pressure and can manifest in the form of an anxiety disorder. If you are struggling with anxiety, LaGrange therapy for anxiety may be able to help. Reach out to our experienced mental health professionals at Life Insight today to get the help you need. 

What Is Anxiety?

Just like experiencing bouts or moments of stress, feeling anxious, tense, or nervous about certain situations or at certain times is perfectly normal. However, if the feeling of nervousness or anxiousness becomes persistent and pertains to everyday situations, this could be a sign of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are very real, and should be treated as serious medical conditions that are just as limiting and significant as physical health conditions, such as diabetes. Signs and symptoms of anxiety can vary by person, but often include:

  • Feeling nervous or on edge;
  • Increased heart rate;
  • Hyperventilation or sweating;
  • Gastrointestinal complications;
  • Unexplained and excessive fatigue; and
  • A feeling of impending panic or doom. 

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Not all types of anxiety disorders are the same. Types of recognized anxiety disorders include:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder means displaying excessive anxiety or worry about everyday events. Symptoms will occur most days for at least six months in order for a person to receive a generalized anxiety disorder diagnosis. Sometimes, the anxiety can be pervasive enough to cause problems at school, work, or in personal relationships.
  • Panic disorder. People who suffer from a panic disorder have unexpected and recurrent panic attacks. During a panic attack, a person may experience an accelerated pulse and heartbeat, sweating, trembling and shaking, shortness of breath, and feelings of doom.
  • Phobia-related disorders. Phobia-related disorders refer to a specific and intense fear or aversion to a certain thing. The fear is irrational, and may pertain to social situations, flying, blood, specific animals, or something else. When people have a phobia about social situations, this is known as social anxiety disorder.

Basics of LaGrange Therapy for Anxiety

Counseling and psychotherapy may be an effective treatment option for someone who is suffering from an anxiety disorder. Through therapy, a person who is struggling with anxiety can learn different ways of thinking about stressful and anxiety-inducing situations, gain a new perspective, develop new social skills, learn coping strategies, identify anxiety triggers, and help to change negative thinking patterns. 

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Taking the first steps towards managing your anxiety can be difficult, but you’re not alone. At Life Insight, our LaGrange therapy for anxiety services are confidential and tailored to your needs. If you want to learn more about how to manage your anxiety in an effective, productive way, call our therapists today or send us a message telling us more about the services you need. You can book your appointment online.

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