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Choosing therapy for your family can have a very positive impact on each member of your family’s relationships with one another. At Life Insight, we offer family therapy near Western Springs that is personalized, effective, and accessible. If you have questions about our family therapy services and how we can help you navigate conflicts and emotions, as well as the relationships that are most important to you, call us directly today. 

Reasons Why You May Consider Family Therapy

There are a number of reasons why families turn to us for our family therapy services in Illinois. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Managing grief or trauma associated with a traumatic event of the death of a loved one;
  • Learning parenting skills;
  • Teaching behavior skills to young children;
  • Helping families navigate tough conversations, life events (such as divorce), and being parents or children;
  • Teaching married couples skills for having more effective conversations; and
  • Developing basic skills surrounding coping with strong emotions, communicating, and being collaborative members of a family team.

If your family is facing a specific issue that you need help navigating, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly and we can provide more insight as to whether or not we can help. 

Who Goes to Family Therapy?

Family therapy is designed for families of all types! Married couples, couples with children, grown children and their parents (such as a single mother or father, most often), and siblings can all attend family therapy! Family therapy can be useful for those who are facing specific issues that they want to resolve, or who have experienced specific traumas, as well as those who generally want to build better relationships and communication skills with their family members. 

Topics During Family Therapy

During family therapy, topics can range dramatically depending on the family and the family’s goals. During therapy, you will be encouraged by your therapy to identify goals that you want to achieve, and by when you want to achieve those goals. You will also be challenged to reflect on your own thoughts and actions, get a new perspective, and really hear the other family members who are in the room. You will also be offered various tools for managing your emotions, being a more effective communicator, and more. 

The Advantages of Family Therapy

The advantages of family therapy are numerous. Whether you are looking for assistance and support in navigating a very specific topic or just want to build your personal communication and coping skills and learn more about how to connect with your loved ones, family therapy can be a very effective and meaningful experience that has long-lasting effects. 

Call Our Office for Family Therapy Near Western Springs Today

Our family therapists care about you and want you to feel comfortable and safe when you work with us. To learn more about our family therapy near Western Springs, please reach out to our team directly or send us a message telling us more about how we can support you.

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