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All families encounter challenges throughout the course of their lives together. Indeed, couples, families with children, siblings, and more experience conflict, communication issues, and sometimes trauma, grief, and other events that disrupt the family’s normal operations. At Life Insight, we know that family counseling La Grange can be a valuable tool for helping your family heal or rebuilding trust and communication skills. To learn more about family counseling from our therapists at Life Insight, call us directly today. 

Why Seek Family Counseling?

Choosing to work with a family therapist can have many benefits. Some of the ways that family therapy may help you and your family include:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Providing tools for coping with challenging situations
  • Offering a new perspective
  • Helping family members to see each other’s perspectives
  • Identifying the root problem within the family
  • Providing tools and strategies for managing conflict
  • Empowering family members to heal the relationship and take responsibility for behavior

Families We Work with

We work with couples, families with young children, adult children and their parents, siblings, and more—there are dozens of different family structures and types, and all are welcome at our office. Families might choose to work with us when they are facing challenges related to money issues, marital issues, communication breakdowns, a substance use disorder, a mental health condition, serious illness, a large life transition, child/teen behavior, and more. Whether your family is coping with a very specific event or trauma or just needs help improving your communication skills, our team is here to support you. 

What to Expect During a Family Counseling Session

During a family therapy session, your therapist may decide to speak with your family as a group, may speak with members of the family individually, or both. Usually, therapy will last for between 40-60 minutes, and most families will opt for once-per-week therapy. Usually, therapy will start with an initial intake, where the therapist will get to know a little bit more about your family, find out why you’re seeking counseling, and help your family to establish some goals for your sessions. Your therapist will then use several sessions to learn more about your family and your communication and coping styles. Once your therapist has a solid understanding of family structure, dynamics, and patterns, they will work with you to create a treatment plan for addressing the reason you’re seeking family counseling. Future sessions will focus on challenging unhealthy behaviors, thinking patterns, and communication styles and developing new skills and tools for these things. 

Call Our Family Counseling Therapists Today

Seeking family therapy can feel intimidating, embarrassing, and overly intimate for someone who’s never worked with a counselor before. It’s important to realize that you are not alone—many families are struggling with exactly the same issues your family is coping with. With the help of a family therapist, you can take action to improve your family’s relationship and communication style. To learn more about family counseling La Grange and how our therapists at Life Insight can help, please call us directly today or send us a message online at your convenience. We are here to support you. 

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