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When life gets you down, how do you react? Stress, hard times, and confusion: these are all normal, inevitable aspects of life. Our team of therapists can help you find a path to happiness. Life Insight is a nonjudgmental, safe place for you to explore the various troubles that complicate your life. We offer Downers Grove behavioral therapy to those who need a hand. This form of therapy is incredibly effective, providing a number of proven benefits that improve your life in the long term. Take your first step forward with us.  

What is Behavioral Therapy?

As we navigate life, we encounter difficult times. From losing a beloved family member to struggling to handle everyday stressors, all kinds of challenges come before us. Some people have a harder time adapting to these changes, resulting in unhealthy coping behaviors. For instance, if someone is having trouble overcoming grief, depression or fear, they may neglect self-care, become avoidant to certain situations or withdraw socially. Over time, these behaviors have profound impacts on a person’s ability to function in his or her daily life. 

Behavioral therapy works to confront these learned behaviors and find ways to overcome them. One of the most common treatments is cognitive-behavioral therapy. During the sessions, you and your therapist will speak openly about your struggles. Additionally, the therapy may involve “homework.” You will be asked to try certain exercises on your own, such as exposing yourself to something that frightens you or journaling about your feelings. These exercises are meant to help you develop healthy reactions to difficult situations and, in the long run, handle these fears without a second thought. 

Who Needs Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a popular choice for many individuals. It’s one of the most common forms of therapy, and for a good reason. You become an active participant in your therapy, which gives you the power to make a change in your life. 

Typically, you may need this form of therapy if you are having a hard time coping with any kind of mental health condition:

Since the goal is to unlearn unhealthy coping mechanisms, this form of therapy is incredibly effective for these conditions. You will learn ways to better navigate your feelings in ways that aren’t self-destructive. Many of these issues are based on unhealthy ways of thinking. Our therapists will help you unlearn these behaviors and find new ways to proactively improve your mental health. 

Life Insight offers behavioral therapy to anyone who thinks they’d benefit. We are happy to answer any of your questions as you cope with strong emotions and feelings. 

Choose Life Insight For Downers Grove Behavioral Therapy

At Life Insight, you aren’t just a patient. You’re an individual who has the power to actively improve their life. With our Downers Grove behavioral therapy, you’ll be able to learn new ways to process your thoughts in a way that’s healthy and productive. Your first step starts with us: call us to schedule an intake appointment.

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