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Being in a relationship is hard work. Even when two people are madly in love with one another and have dozens of things in common, the relationship may not be in a constant state of bliss. At Life Insight, our experienced therapists provide couples counseling near Westmont that can help you and your partner build skills and develop new perspectives. To learn more about our services for couples counseling near Westmont, please call our office directly today. 

Types of Couples Counseling We Provide

At Life Insight, our couples counselors are able to work with couples at various stages in their relationships, as well as couples who identify in different ways or are facing different issues. Types of couples counseling we provide include:

  • Marriage counseling. If you and your spouse have been married–whether for a few months, a few years, or over a decade–and would like support resolving conflict in your marriage, a counselor from our office would be happy to work with you. 
  • Premarital counseling. For couples who are planning to marry, premarital counseling can be a safe space to talk about tough issues in the marriage, including things like intimacy and sex, monogamy, finances, and decision-making. 
  • General couples counseling. We also provide couples counseling for couples who are unmarried or not planning to marry. We work with couples of all ages, and also work with LGBTQ couples.

The Advantages of Couples Counseling Near Westmont

While you shouldn’t assume that seeing a couples therapist will resolve all of your issues–you’ll need to work hard to get to where you want in your relationship–a couples therapist can provide guidance and support as you navigate difficult conversations. At the end of couples counseling, you should feel more comfortable expressing yourself, communicating with your partner, coping with your emotions, and understanding your feelings and behaviors, as well as those of your partner. You should also have a better understanding of what you want from the relationship and how to get there. It won’t be easy, but a counselor from our office can help you gain the skills and tools you need to be an effective team member in your relationship, and can provide support as you change negative thought patterns or behaviors that are driving a wedge between you and your partner. 

Why Choose Life Insight for Couples Counseling

At Life Insight, our team is passionate about what they do, as well as educated and experienced. We know how important your relationship is to you, and we truly care about making sure you and your partner get the help that you need. We believe that good therapy is about you; we’ll listen to you to understand what you’re going through and what your goals are, and approach your therapy sessions with both in mind. 

Call Our Therapists Today

To learn more about Life Insight and our therapists, please peruse our website, call us directly, or send us a message asking a question using the intake form on our website. If you’re ready to do so, you can book an appointment online. We hope you’ll choose our team for couples counseling near Westmont.

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