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The world is big and complicated, and every day, the world becomes more complex. Indeed, children worldwide are faced with issues ranging from food insecurity to bullying – issues that lead to behavior problems, psychological issues, anxiety, depression, and big emotions. At Life Insight, we know that navigating the world as a child can be tough – we’re here to help. If you are a parent who is wondering, “Where can I find a child counselor near me?” our team is only a phone call away. We are here to help your child cope with their emotions and develop healthier, more effective behaviors and frames of mind.

Common Reasons Parents Seek Child Counselors

Our child counselors have been helping children cope with myriad different behaviors issues, psychological issues, and emotions for years. Some of the most common reasons why parents turn to counseling services from our team include:

  • Anxiety. According to data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over seven percent of children ages three to 17 have a diagnosed anxiety problem; this number does not account for the number of undiagnosed children. Further, there are also many children who perhaps do not have a diagnosable anxiety disorder, but who do struggle with stress. Anxiety can be extremely challenging for a child to cope with and can be associated with other disorders, including depression.
  • Depression. Depression is a significant concern in today’s world, as statistics show that more children than ever before are depressed, and that more pre-teens and teens are engaging in suicidal behaviors than ever before reported. If your child is struggling with depression, taking action is critical. Our team can help.
  • “Big emotions.” Some children do not have diagnosable psychiatric disorders but do have what we call “big emotions.” These are emotions that are very powerful and also disruptive to family life and create chaos at home or/and school. We help children understand how to cope and manage these emotions for a smoother, more enjoyable life.
  • Bullying. Bullying is a significant issue in today’s world, as is cyberbullying. Whether your child is the bully or the bullied, intervention may be necessary.
  • Behavioral or academic performance issues. Child behavior can sometimes be very disruptive and even dangerous for the child or others. Acting out violently, getting in trouble with the law, bullying others, engaging in self-harm, and even falling behind in school are all behaviors that parents should be concerned about and should take action in regards to.
  • Anger. Anger is normal for children, especially those children who are coping with loss, grief, or a significant life change, such as the divorce of their parents. While anger can be a normal and even healthy emotion, it can also be worrisome, leading to aggressive behaviors and acting out. Our child therapists can provide anger management training to your child that works.

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“Where is a child counselor near me?” has an easy answer – Life Insight is right here to provide your family and your child with the support and counseling services needed. Located in Hinsdale, our child therapists believe in helping our patients achieve their best life. To learn more, please call us directly or send us a message telling us how we can serve your family.

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