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Anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions in our country today, yet one that many who suffer from anxiety fail to recognize or talk about. At Life Insight Therapy Collective, our experienced therapists know that anxiety can be extremely challenging to live with, especially when it begins to interfere with productivity, relationships, and daily activities. If you are struggling with anxiety, we offer Burr Ridge therapy for anxiety that can help. Please reach out to us directly today to learn more about how. 

Types of Anxiety

Anxiety doesn’t come in just one type, nor do all anxiety disorders present themselves in the same ways. Some of the most common types of anxiety disorders include–

  • Generalized anxiety disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder is one of the most common types of anxiety disorders, and is characterized by general anxiety that is recurring, as well as exaggerated tension and worry. 
  • Social anxiety disorder. Another type of anxiety disorder that many people struggle with is that of social anxiety disorder, also called social phobia. This is when a person has an unreasonable sense of fear, anxiety, or self-consciousness in social situations, even everyday, common social situations. 
  • Panic disorder. Someone with panic disorder may suffer from other types of anxiety, too, but the distinguishing characteristic of panic disorder is suffering from panic attacks. Panic attacks are characterized by intense feelings of panic, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate and breathing, chest pain, dizziness, or/and stomach distress. 
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, is a disorder characterized by having unwanted, obsessive thoughts or/and performing obsessive behaviors, such as counting, checking something repeatedly, or washing one’s hands excessively.

How Anxiety Can Impact Your Life

Depending on the type of anxiety you have and the degree to which it impacts you, anxiety can have a very big effect on your day-to-day experiences. For example, anxiety may result in avoidance of events that trigger anxiety (such as social outings, more work responsibilities, etc.); could lead to other mental health conditions, such as feelings of depression; can take a toll on personal relationships; and more. 

The Basics of Burr Ridge Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety treatment from one of our Burr Ridge anxiety therapists will be personalized to you based on your specific anxiety disorder (which can be diagnosed in-office if you do not already have a diagnosis). Much of our treatment involves learning coping mechanisms, physical and mental tricks for mitigating anxiety and getting in control (such as breathing techniques), and working to change negative thinking patterns to take control. Your treatment will be based on your personal goals and reasons for seeking therapy. 

Take Action Today – Call our Burr Ridge Therapists Now

While stress is a normal part of life, those who have an anxiety disorder may experience extreme amounts of stress that make everyday tasks challenging. At Life Insight Therapy Collective, we understand what you’re going through. To learn more about our Burr Ridge therapy for anxiety services and how to get started with our team, please call us directly or send us a message online at your convenience.

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