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As a parent, you want nothing more than for your child to live a happy, healthy life. While it might seem like kids don’t have a care in the world, even children are subject to stress, depression and other difficult experiences. No matter what your child is struggling with, a Burr Ridge child therapist at Life Insight provides the support that they need. We’ll work with you and your child so that they develop healthy ways to process their emotions. 

Why You Might Need a Burr Ridge Child Therapist

Children often face problems related to school, siblings, friends or self-esteem. These issues may inhibit their ability to learn and grow. Talking to a counselor is a great way for your child to overcome these problems. Therapy is often beneficial for children who are dealing with any of the following:

  • Significant anxiety
  • Excessive worry about the future
  • Avoidant behaviors, such as skipping school 
  • Negative self-perception
  • Loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed

While every child may encounter a bump in the road, ongoing stress or moodiness may signify a more serious problem. One challenge parents often face is that your child may be unable to verbally explain their feelings. Our counselors are trained to help children of all ages. We will gently guide them as we identify the issue and develop a way to help them overcome it. 

Life Insight Provides Empathetic Care

At Life Insight, our team provides dedicated therapy services for kids of all ages. We understand that children tend to have trouble expressing how they feel. Our therapists use a patient, empathetic approach so your child feels comfortable right from the start. We use play therapy as a way to encourage your child to relax and engage in the sessions.  

Play therapy is different from other forms of counseling. Instead of simply talking with your child, the sessions may involve various activities, such as playing with toys. It’s effective because it allows us to observe your child’s behaviors and recognize places where your child may be struggling. 

Here’s why you should choose our child therapists at Life Insight:

  • Expertise. Our therapists are licensed and trained to help children work through a range of problems. Many of our therapists have worked for years in the field, offering specialized care and expert advice. 
  • Empathy. Sometimes, children need an extra guiding hand. A therapist should be empathetic, especially when it concerns children. We are sensitive to your child’s needs and validate their concerns. 
  • Growth. We’re future-oriented, meaning we recognize the impact that our services will have on your child for years to come. We want to help them develop into an independent person who can process their emotions. After they’ve finished their sessions, your child will be equipped with healthy coping skills and a better understanding of their self-worth.

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When your child is having trouble, you want them to feel better as soon as possible. At Life Insight, our Burr Ridge child therapist helps you and your family cope with life’s unexpected challenges. Call us or use our online scheduling form to book your appointment. 

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