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According to Mental Health America, it may not always be easy to find a Black mental health provider, but there are many good reasons to do so. National data collected from the organization found that “Black and African American people who screen positive for depression say they plan to seek help at higher rates than the general population.” 

Black therapists are known to provide more appropriate and effective care to Black and African American people who are seeking help. Unfortunately, they make up a small proportion of providers, meaning that these services are sometimes difficult to find. If you are looking for a Black therapist, Life Insight offers specialized therapy and counseling services for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) clients in Burr Ridge. 

Rising Needs

A 2018 survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that there were “significant increases in serious mental illness” among both African American young adults (aged 18-25) and adults (aged 50+) in recent years. Despite a growing need for mental health services, nearly 70 percent of African American adults experiencing mental illness did not receive treatment in 2018. (Compared to 56.7 percent of the overall US population.) 

Barriers to Treatment

In an article for Psychology Today, Monnica Williams, Ph.D. writes that “African Americans share the same mental health issues as the rest of the population, with arguably even greater stressors due to racism, prejudice, and economic disparities.” However, feelings of stigma and judgment can sometimes hold individuals back from seeking help. 

In her studies, Williams found that many had concerns that discussing mental illness, even among family, was inappropriate. Others had negative attitudes about receiving care (a fear of being one of “those people,” as Williams describes it). Our Black therapists in Burr Ridge recognize the need for specialized mental health services to overcome these unique challenges. 

Importance of Specialized Care

Specialists interviewed by Mental Health America say that there’s a shortage of culturally competent therapy options for people of color. In 2017, less than 2 percent of American Psychological Association members were Black or African American, leading to concerns about cultural competence and treatment of specific issues. 

Mental health providers need to be aware of their implicit biases to better provide constructive therapy, focusing on an individual client’s situation. It is important in therapy to feel safe and free to be yourself. Our therapists and counselors at Life Insight recognize your need to feel affirmed, validated and supported as you pursue thoughtful, informed care. 

Reaching Out For Help

African Americans and other BIPOC individuals face a variety of unique challenges when it comes to getting therapy. Life Insight is dedicated to providing effective care for the mental health and wellness of every individual, and has therapists on staff who specialize in helping BIPOC clients. If you feel that you are in need of specialized mental health care, it may be time to reach out to one of our therapists in Burr Ridge today. 

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