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It doesn’t matter what you’re facing; living with an addiction can make every day feel like an uphill battle. Your feelings towards recovery can change day-to-day, and your will to get and stay sober can be a fleeting thing. At Life Insight, our therapists are here to help you stay strong and overcome your substance dependency. If you’re ready to kick your bad habit and take back control of your life, reach out to us today.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a complex and challenging condition to live with. Millions of Americans suffer from addiction each year, making it one of the country’s most prevalent ailments. While common, there are several misconceptions surrounding addiction, such as who is at risk of developing addiction and whether it is a choice or not. While one does not consciously choose to become addicted to substances or activities, some factors contribute to addiction development.

  • Genetics: It comes as no surprise that our genetics play a large role in the development of an addiction. Those who have a relative who is currently or has suffered from addiction are more likely than others to develop an addiction. 
  • Environmental Factors: Along with our genetic make-up, our environment can impact the chances of addiction. Peer pressure, the community, and ease of access to substances or addictive activities increase the likelihood of addiction development.
  • Life Experiences: Trauma is one of the leading causes of addiction, especially in those who have PTSD. Abuse, witnessing extreme violence, or experiences neglect are factors that increase the odds of developing an addiction.
  • Health: Those who suffer from mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, or schizophrenia, along with those who have been diagnosed with chronic, debilitating illnesses, are more likely to experience addiction.

How Addiction Treatment Near Downers Grove Can Help

As professionals, the therapists at Life Insight are here to offer you a safe, supportive environment to work through the struggles that are troubling you the most. Our substance abuse and addiction therapists work with you to explore triggers, behaviors, and thought patterns that contribute to your addiction. Through various forms of addiction treatment near Downers Grove, family therapy, stress management, and life coaching, Life Insight can help you overcome your struggles.

For those who are not personally dealing with addiction but have a loved one who is, Life Insight’s therapists can offer support and resources to help the individual suffering addiction and themselves. It’s essential to have a robust system of support when recovering from addiction and have loved ones who understand the struggle and are willing to help when things get rough help decrease the chance or severity of relapse.

Start Addiction Treatment Near Downers Grove Today

Kicking any bad habit is something to feel proud of, but overcoming your dependence on prescription medication, alcohol, or illegal substances is a massive achievement. Begin your journey to sobriety with the therapists at Life Insight today. Reach out to schedule an appointment for addiction treatment near Downers Grove today. 

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