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There are few things more challenging in life than living with addiction. For both addicted persons and their loved ones, addiction can be a powerful and negative force that disrupts personal and professional opportunities, erodes health, and leads to serious financial, emotional, and physical consequences. At Life Insight, we know how hard it is to face addiction and overcome addiction long-term. When you choose our therapists for addiction counseling, Clarendon Hills, we promise to provide you with personalized attention and to approach you with high levels of empathy and support. To learn more about our services for addiction counseling for clients in the Clarendon Hills and surrounding areas, call us directly today. 

Why Addiction Therapy Is Essential in Treating Addiction

While addiction is a physical dependence on alcohol or drugs, it’s actually much more complicated than a physical addiction alone; instead, there are psychological and social factors that can impact use and that can trigger a relapse, even after someone has been drug- and alcohol-free for a period of time. For example, extreme stress, environmental cues, and social events (like spending time with someone with whom you used to do drugs) can all be powerful triggers. As such, pairing addiction therapy with behavioral therapy and counseling can help a person learn coping techniques and tools for navigating life, even when powerful triggers are present. 

How Individual Therapy Can Help

We offer both individual and group therapy at Life Insight. For those who are struggling with addiction, group therapy is often recommended and is very common—consider Alcoholics Anonymous, for example. We strongly encourage group therapy, but also encourage individual therapy for individuals who are struggling with mental illness, such as depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, or any other significant mental health condition. 

What You’ll Explore When You Work with Our Addiction Therapists

Working with a therapist when you are struggling with addiction can be empowering. Depending on your therapist and the therapy options that are best for you, you and your therapist may engage in cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, contingency management therapy, or even couples and family therapy depending on your situation. You will develop tips for coping with stressors in life and triggers, as well as reflecting on your own emotions, needs, wants, behaviors, and past lived experiences and how these things may play into your addiction. 

Call Life Insight for Addiction Counseling in Clarendon Hills Today

Struggling with addiction may be one of the hardest things that you ever go through in life. But you are not alone. If you are struggling with addiction, our experienced addiction therapists at Life Insight can help. We know what you’re going through and have the resources and experience that you deserve. Taking action by calling a therapist for help can be the first step to regaining control of your life. 

To learn more about addiction counseling Clarendon Hills and the services offered by our addiction therapists at Life Insight, please call us today or use our website to book your first appointment. We are here to support you. 

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