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Decoding Teen Behavior

It happens suddenly - one minute you’re chasing a toddler around, and the next, you’re the parent of a teenager. How did this...

Parents Balancing it all During COVID-19

This past year hasn't been easy on anyone, but today we want to specifically talk to the parents out there: the ones who...

The 2 Styles of Couples Therapy

Research is showing that more and more couples are opting into couples therapy - and not because their marriages are more fragile now...

Interdependence VS. Codependency

In romantic partnerships, one of the most important things is emotional connection. It is important to feel seen, heard, and understood in relationships....

The 5 Communication Styles – And How They Affect Relationships

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that made you feel like you were moving in circles? You tried and tried to...

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