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Anxiety Management Tips: Rediscover What Used to Make You Feel Good

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Share…FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailWe’ve all been there in some shape or form: that feeling of anxiety. It is a familiar feeling for me. I’ve had it on and off through most of my life. When it’s bad, my heart and head feel like they’re fluttering at mach speeds trying to out pace each other. When it’s managed, it’s often been the extra burst of energy that has allowed me to accomplish some pretty cool things. I don’t look like an anxious person, I’m a pretty chill mother and boss, but inside my head, I’ve usually got enough logistics running to help out NASA….

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crucial conversations book review

What We’re Reading: Crucial Conversations

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Share…FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailWhen you think of crucial conversations, what comes to mind? Is it a certain person, such as a boss or a significant other? Is it a certain topic, like raising your kids or managing finances? We all have certain people who we either struggle to communicate with (think: your teenager), or certain people with whom we often discuss very serious, sensitive subjects (think: your spouse, your business partner, etc.). In addition, we also each have a few topics of conversation that make us uncomfortable or nervous. It might be politics, it might be money, it might be discussions about the…

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teens and anxiety

Teens and Anxiety

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Share…FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemailEveryone experiences anxiety to some degree, and a certain level of anxiety is normal, even helpful. Anxiety works as our body’s warning signal in response to dangerous, stressful or unfamiliar situations. Problematic anxiety happens because your brain thinks there might be danger, even when there is no danger present. For people suffering from this kind of anxiety, the constant worry and tension can leave them feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling like they have no control over their emotions. One of our clients described her anxiety as, “I start thinking about things, and then I freak out because I can’t do…

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eating disorder support

What Helps and What Hurts: Providing Support to a Loved One with an Eating Disorder

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Share…FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinPinterestemail Supporting a loved one with an eating disorder can be extremely tricky. You may feel like you are walking on eggshells, trying to determine what is okay or not to say and do. You may not yet have a good understanding of what an eating disorder really is, but the fact that you want to be supportive means you are headed in the right direction. Here are a few steps you can do to really help the recovery process…and things that may be well-intended but end up hurting instead. WHAT HURTS: Food talk. Feelings of guilt in relation to…

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