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Marriage is one of the most wonderful things that an individual may ever experience, and certainly something that most couples strive for. However, a marriage that is always happy is idyllic, and isn’t realistic. In fact, it’s very common for marital discord to occur. While disagreements in a marriage or both normal and healthy, what can be unhealthy is when the marriage begins to feel hostile, emotionally unsafe, or the future feels uncertain. If you and your spouse need help resolving tough conflicts in your marriage–whether or not divorce is on the table–our Brookfield marriage counseling services can help.

The Benefits of Working with a Brookfield Marriage Counselor

Whether or not your marriage feels broken to the point where you simply don’t know what your other options are, working with an experienced marriage counselor can provide guidance and support. This is true even for couples who generally feel happy in their marriage, but want to work to resolve a specific issue or improve general communication skills. The benefits of working with a Brookfield marriage counselor include:

  • Relationship and communication skills are learned, not innate. Many people assume that they will simply be able to communicate and “figure things out” with their spouse once they get married; however, the reality is that marriage takes a lot of work, and communication and relationship skills are learned over time and with practice. Marriage counseling can help you to develop the skills that you need for effective communication in your marriage.
  • Insight and guidance. Another way that marriage counseling can help you and your spouse is by providing guidance, insight, advice, and options for resolving conflict or taking on a new perspective that you may not be aware of otherwise. When you are in the middle of a problem, especially an emotional one, it can be very challenging to look at the issue objectively. A marriage counselor can help.
  • Resolving problems before they get insurmountable. If you and your spouse need to improve your communication and problem-solving skills collectively, starting to work on the issue(s) sooner rather than later is well-advised. When things build up and emotions get stronger and more intense, it can be that much more difficult to find solutions.

These benefits are just a few of the many advantages of talking to a marriage counselor.

What Happens During Marriage Counseling?

For many, the idea of going to marital therapy is intimidating; however, it shouldn’t be. Therapy is a safe place to discuss your concerns and have an honest conversation with both your spouse and your therapist. You should expect to work with your spouse and your therapist to:

  • Get to the heart of the problem and identify the source of any discord;
  • Develop goals and objectives that you want to achieve – i.e., why you are going to therapy and what you want to get out of it;
  • Set a timeline for when you want to accomplish your goals; and
  • Acquire tools and learn new skills to effectively deal with problems when they arise.

Our Brookfield Marriage Counselors Are Here to Serve You

Brookfield marriage counseling can be an effective option for you and your spouse. To learn more, call our team at Life Insight today to learn more.

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