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Priscilla Yien, M.A.

It takes courage to recognize that what you are feeling is bigger than yourself and also to take the time needed to improve your mental health. Therapy can be a safe place to work through your feelings and questions without judgment. It can be the place for you to feel seen, heard, and validated with an empathic and compassionate ear. 

“Being the child of Caribbean immigrant parents in Chicago allows me to appreciate and navigate culture and how it affects the approach and availability of mental health resources.”

Before joining Life Insight, I practiced at a university counseling center, working with college students struggling with life transitions and a variety of presenting problems. That work allowed me to reflect on my own experiences at that age and helped me develop a strong desire to see youth and adults strive and overcome adversity so they can reach their potential.

I am passionate about promoting mental health in teen and emerging young adult populations. I help people from diverse backgrounds who are struggling with mood-related issues including depression, anxiety, and everyday life stressors.

My approach is empathic, collaborative, encouraging and sincere. My work is based on Humanistic and Person-Centered forms of psychotherapy. I emphasize the personal worth of the individual, human values, and the creative nature of human beings. I am optimistic and focus on your innate capacity to overcome struggles and obstacles. My goal is to aid you on your journey of self-discovery and help you become the captain of your own ship towards growth and healing. 

Education and Experience:

I have a Master of Arts degree in Psychology and am currently completing my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at National Louis University/ISPP. I have worked with people from many diverse backgrounds. I speak French/Creole and like to paint. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling and playing basketball. I have been an athlete for quite some time and enjoy a good competitive match in just about any sport.

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