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Meet Our Hinsdale Therapists

Our therapists are here to help.   Chances are you’ve stumbled across this page because there’s something in your life that doesn’t feel quite right, and you know, deep down, things could be better. Is there a voice inside you that wonders: Why are relationships so difficult? Why does everyone have this figured out already? […]

Hinsdale Therapist — Sarah Stukas, MS, LCPC

Sarah Stukas, MS, LCPC “I get it.” How many times have you truly felt understood? More than anything, I want our clients to feel understood and supported. Let’s look at how you got here; what has impacted your life and played a part at creating who you are today. More importantly, let’s figure out how to […]

Hinsdale Therapist – Jorie Miklos, MA, LCPC

Jorie Miklos, MA, LCPC I like to live by the saying: “Find joy in the simple things.” Easier said than done, right? I thought so too until I made it my mission to change my perspective into something more positive. As a result, I found a sense of peace knowing I can change my mood […]

Hinsdale Therapist – Carolyn Ball, MA, LPC

Carolyn Ball, MA, LPC Each of Us Hopes to Live a Good Life. Yet it’s not uncommon for any of us to feel as if our self-worth, relationships, and day-to-day existence are not where we hoped they’d be. When this happens, therapy can be a transformative process in which we come to more thoroughly understand […]

Hinsdale Therapist — Mary Pacejka, LCSW, M.Ed

Mary Pacejka, LCSW, M.Ed I’m super into mindfulness because it is important to be present in everything we do in order to thrive. My goal is to empower people to make the changes they need to live meaningful lives. My passion includes working with adults and adolescents dealing with adjustment disorders, trauma, and school refusal. […]

Emily Hartl, Hinsdale Office Manager

Emily Hartl | Office Manager Making the decision to see a therapist, and taking those first steps to set up an appointment, can feel daunting and overwhelming. But in the end, it can be a truly rewarding experience. I have the honor of connecting with the new clients, setting them up with an amazing therapist, and […]