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It’s no secret that being a teen, especially in the 21st century, is hard. From school pressures to embracing their newfound independence, growing up can be an extremely overwhelming experience. Luckily, your teen doesn’t need to feel like they have to face these challenges alone. With help from the team at Life Insight, teen counseling near Downers Grove can assist your child in taking on each transition and struggle and developing safe and healthy coping mechanisms that allow them to grow into the prosperous adult they are destined to become.

How to Know Your Teen Needs Help

It’s no doubt been several years since you were a teenager, making it difficult to determine if the behaviors your child is exhibiting are on par with normal behaviors of children today. With each year that passes, teens grow more and more into themselves, transitioning from the highly-dependant childhood years into self-supporting adulthood. This can mark a difficult time for some kids, as they are beginning to adjust to their changing bodies, environments, and routines. Due to this, you may start to see them rebel against old rules, such as bedtimes, curfews, and meal habits. While these are regular changes that occur in every teenager’s life, there are a few warning signs that may indicate more is going on in your child’s life. If your teenager is exhibiting the following behaviors, it is advised to seek the help of a professional for teen counseling near Downers Grove:

  • Participating in illegal activities
  • Frequently running away from home
  • Failing school
  • Drastic changes in mood
  • Increase in defiance

At Life Insight, we have several therapists who are trained specifically in teen counseling. Please reach out to find a therapist who can work with you and your child.

Sometimes It Takes a Village

We know that, as a parent, there is nothing more important than the health and happiness of your child. While teen counseling near Downers Grove is a highly effective form of counseling, sometimes the whole family needs to be involved. The transitions and changes your child is going through can be hard on the family unit, which is why Life Insight offers family counseling. Including every member of your family helps you as a parent, as well as siblings, understand what your teenager is going through and learn the best ways to help them get through these difficult formative years. In addition to one-on-one teen counseling, family counseling helps create a bridge between you and your child, keeping relationships intact and allowing a safe space where everyone can express themselves free of repercussions or judgment.

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If you find your teen struggling with the changes occurring in their life, a therapist at Life Insight can assist with professional teen counseling near Downers Grove. Whether they need assistance with managing the stress of school or have other, more profound struggles in their lives, our team of compassionate counselors will guide them through these challenges and provide them with the abilities and support they need to cope. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for teen counseling near Downers Grove.

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