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Trauma refers to the emotional scars that someone gets after a particularly frightening incident. When we experience something that makes us feel trapped, afraid, or otherwise threatened, our minds remember the event as something traumatic. Also referred to as PTSD, this condition causes recurring stress in the victim. While the damage caused by the past cannot be undone, a therapist can help those who are suffering find peace and ways to live their lives fully. At Life Insight, we offer Hinsdale trauma counseling services that help victims heal. 

Causes & Symptoms of Trauma

Psychological and emotional trauma manifests in many different ways. Common traumatic events include sexual assaults, witnessing or experiencing violence, abuse, military service and more. After going through such an incident, the person might feel confused, powerless or be in denial. Everyone experiences life events differently, so some people may be traumatized by any incidents while others aren’t. All experiences are valid and every victim deserves unconditional support. 

Likewise, trauma manifests differently for everyone. Symptoms may include:

  • Crying or emotional outbursts
  • Detachment or dissociation
  • Panic attacks
  • Physical symptoms, like headaches or digestive issues
  • Chronic anxiety
  • Hopelessness
  • Nightmares
  • Self-destructive behaviors

Some people react primarily with strong emotions while others may feel numb or disconnected from reality. These symptoms may become more apparent if an individual is exposed to something that triggers memories of the event. When this happens, the individual can have intense flashbacks to the event, leading to panic. 

Hinsdale Trauma Counseling Helps You Heal

Many trauma victims may feel isolated or misunderstood. Fortunately, help is available. Counseling is a great place to explore your trauma and start down the road to healing the scars you have. In therapy, you will discuss your feelings and where your trauma originated. Your therapist will help you navigate your trauma, learning coping mechanisms to better handle the emotions that arise. Since you’ll be talking about a sensitive subject matter, you may feel vulnerable or nervous. This is normal, and as you work with your therapist, this will pass as you come to terms with what you’ve been through. 

Here’s what you can expect during your counseling sessions:

  • Learning to cope with anxiety and emotions
  • Understanding your feelings
  • Build a new perspective on your life
  • Gradual, controlled exposure to your fears
  • Become actively engaged in your healing

Counseling will help you find normalcy and happiness in your day-to-day life. As you continue to develop coping mechanisms and use them to work through your emotions, you’ll find yourself better prepared to handle the more difficult moments. We want to help improve your life in the long term, and we do so by equipping you with the coping skills you need. 

Life Insight Will Help You Find Hope

It’s never too late to work through your trauma. If you feel as though a past event has cast a shadow over your life, a therapist can help you find the light again. Schedule an appointment at Life Insight today. Our Hinsdale trauma counseling will help you learn to enjoy life and work through your trauma. 

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