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For everyone, there are times when life can feel overwhelming. At Life Insight, we know that young or old, single or married, male or female, etc., working with a Hinsdale therapist can be comforting and provide tools and guidance necessary for navigating the most complex issues in life. Whether you’re struggling with a specific issue or just need someone to talk to, a Hinsdale therapist from our office can help. Reach out to Life Insight today to learn more. 

Why Work with a Hinsdale Therapist?

Making the decision to call a therapist can be intimidating. In fact, therapy is often still stigmatized, and people who seek therapy may feel as though they’re being labeled as having a problem or being abnormal. The truth is, though, that therapy can help everyone, and that many of the issues that you feel as though you’re struggling with are being experienced by people everywhere. You are not alone! 

As you think about whether or not to seek therapy, consider the following:

  • Therapy is effective. Research shows that over the long-haul, therapy’s effects persist and can be effective long-term. Positive gains continue over time, and can even be more effective than medication in some cases because it focuses on the root cause of feelings.
  • Therapy provides you with tools for coping. For many people, dealing with the stressors of everyday life is difficult enough; when bigger issues happen, like a huge fight with one’s spouse or losing one’s job, a person may feel as though they are unable to cope. Therapy is useful because it offers you tools for coping with stressors big and small, allowing you to confront issues and manage them–and your emotions–in a more effective way.
  • Therapy addresses negative thinking patterns. One reason that therapy can be so effective is that it can actually be used to rewire your brain by identifying the negative thought patterns that you fall back on and that guide your behavior. By replacing these patterns with new, more positive habits, you can change the way that you think about things, which can have a huge impact on your emotions and behavior.
  • Therapy gets to the heart of it. Finally, one of the key reasons that therapy can be important and effective is that therapy will get to the root problem of whatever it is you’re dealing with. For example, if you are constantly stressed, it may be because you have an anxiety disorder; if you are struggling to maintain a healthy relationship, it may be because of something you witnessed or experienced as a child. Once you identify the why behind your emotions and behavior, you’ll have more tools for navigating the future.

Our Hinsdale Therapy Services – Reach Us Today

At Life Insight, we offer individualized therapy services for adults, family and relationship counseling, teen counseling, depression therapy, child and teen counseling, anxiety treatment, trauma and PTSD counseling, and more. To learn more about working with a Hinsdale therapist from our office and how to get started, please reach out to us by phone or online to schedule your first appointment.

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