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Grief Counseling Near Hinsdale 

Losing a loved one, being involved in a tragic accident, or experiencing a major loss or life change can be traumatic. At Life Insight, our therapists provide services for grief counseling near Hinsdale that can help. If you or a loved one is dealing with grief and loss, please reach out to us directly for the mental health support and services you need. 

Identifying the Stages of Grief

There are five recognized stages of grief. At Life Insight, our therapists will explain each stage and help you to work through each. Clients come to see us at all different stages of their grief journey, and we are prepared to work with you wherever you are. The five recognized stages of grief are as follows:

  • Denial and isolation. During this phase, a person may suppress their feelings and refuse to acknowledge that the traumatic event or loss has occurred. It is also common for a person to isolate themselves; this is often done as a way to avoid the truth and the acknowledgment of loss. 
  • Anger. After denial and isolation comes anger. People in this stage may take their anger out in a variety of ways, may feel like whatever happened was unfair and unjust, and may begin looking for reasons why the terrible thing happened. 
  • Bargaining. Bargaining is a way of coping with grief, and involves trying to bargain or make deals to alleviate the sense of loss. This is also the time where a person may start to try to rationalize why the terrible thing had happened. For example, “If I had only woken up in time, the car accident never would have happened, and she would still be in my life.” These types of arguments with oneself can lead to feelings of blame and depression.
  • Depression. Depression is a normal stage of the grief process. This is the time when the full burden and weight of the loss and trauma are felt. Clinical depression and grief are not the same, although they often can feel the same and may both share symptoms and side effects. 
  • Acceptance. While each person’s grief journey is different, eventually, most people finally reach the final stage of grief: acceptance. Accepting a loss does not mean that the person is no longer grieving or no longer feels sadness, but rather that the individual has come to recognize it as a reality and that they can continue in their daily life. 

What to Expect During Grief and Loss Counseling

When you work with our therapists, we will help you in the following ways: 

  • Identifying and understanding the tasks of grieving; 
  • Identifying and naming emotions and thinking patterns; 
  • Recognizing your own thought patterns and behaviors; 
  • Developing tools and skills for coping with grief; and 
  • Learning to embrace the future.

By working through your grief with a professional, you may feel empowered and ready to live your life to the fullest again. The grief journey is a painful one that takes a lot of work, but with the help of a professional, it is possible to move forward. 

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To learn more about grief counseling near Hinsdale, reach out to our grief therapists directly by phone or online at your convenience. We are here for you.

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