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While families may feel close, comfortable around one another, and inseparable, families can also experience strife, discord, and high levels of emotions that are dysfunctional and unhealthy. At Life Insight, we offer family therapy in Hinsdale that is designed to address specific issues that are affecting the psychological health of the family, ranging from child behavioral issues to substance abuse issues to grief and loss and more. Please schedule a consultation with our family therapists in Hinsdale today to learn more.

The Benefits of Family Therapy

Family members who attend therapy together often benefit in numerous ways. Some of these ways include learning better communication skills, developing coping skills, feeling more connected, addressing interpersonal conflicts and behavioral issues, and more. At Life Insight, we work with couples, parents and children,  and families of various sizes to address some of the most common issues that affect the health of a family and its individual members, including:

  • Divorce;
  • Financial hardship;
  • Loss of a family member/death;
  • Mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, and substance abuse issues;
  • Chronic or terminal illness;
  • Child behavioral problems;
  • Communication problems; and 
  • More.

We understand that no two families are alike and that your family is unique and is experiencing unique issues.

How Our Family Therapists Can Help

When you work with our Hinsdale family therapists, we will work with your family to:

  • Identify specific goals for therapy and list desired outcomes;
  • Help your family to identify the source of discord or contention that you are experiencing;
  • Work with the family as a whole, as well as family members one-on-one to develop more effective and positive communication techniques;
  • Help each family member understand how to cope with behavioral or mental health issues suffered by other members of the family; and
  • Put a framework in place for healthy interpersonal functioning in the future.

Attending family therapy is not a magic solution; fixing an unhealthy family dynamic will take the work and effort of all members of the family, and could take months or years to achieve. Our family therapists will provide you with the tools that you and your family need to meet your goals; putting in the work and effecting positive change is up to you.

In addition to family therapy services, we also offer one-on-one personal counseling services for those who believe they need additional support and services. 

Learn More About Family Therapy in Hinsdale from Life Insight Today

If your family is coping with loss, grief, or is dysfunctional and unhealthy, we can help. Our family therapists are passionate about assisting families like yours in navigating the complexities of healthy and functional relationships. When you choose our team, we will help you to identify your goals for therapy, and then work toward those goals in a way that is effective. We know that change doesn’t happen every night, but if you’re willing to put in the work, our therapists can provide you with the tools that you need to make a positive change in your life and your family.

To learn more about our family therapy in Hinsdale and how our team can serve you, please reach out to us by phone or online to schedule your first appointment.

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