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Family therapy is one of the most comprehensive services the team at Life Insight offers, as it is helpful in various situations. Whether an individual within your family is going through a rough time, or it’s a family-wide situation such as grief, conflict, or stress, our therapists provide a safe, judgment-free space for you to share your feelings and work through problems. Please reach out to our office, located in the heart of Hinsdale, to schedule our first appointment.

What is the Purpose of Family Therapy Near Elmhurst?

One of the most common questions our therapists encounter is, “what is the purpose of family therapy, and how can it help me?” Fortunately, our therapists are well-trained and prepared to spell out the purpose, benefits, and overall goals of therapy for Elmhurst families. 

Family therapy is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy that focuses on the relationship within the family unit. While this type of therapy is most effective when all family members participate, therapy can focus on just the members experiencing conflict or other problems. There is no set reason why a family decides to attend family therapy. Even the happiest of familial relationships can benefit from regular sessions with a therapist.

While each unit participates in therapy for different reasons, many of our family clients seek out family therapy near Elmhurst to help:

  • Improve Communication
  • Relieve Familial Tension
  • Assist in Emotional Expression
  • Parent-Child and Sibling Conflict Resolution
  • Life Transition Support                                                                                                                                                                                                          

As a family, you will work with your therapist to set goals and establish a timeline in which you want to reach them. Goals should be set with every member of the family in mind and have an accomplishment time that is reasonable for each individual involved. Some common goals that our therapists often encounter with those in family therapy near Elmhurst include:

  • Establish better, healthier boundaries between parents and children and amongst siblings.
  • Explore the family dynamic
  • Promote emotional understanding and healing
  • Build solid and practical communication skills
  • Assist with understanding and supporting a family member struggling with mental illness, addiction, or similar mental and emotional concerns.

Collaborative Healing With Each Family Member in Mind

Humans are instinctively self-centered individuals. Regardless of how empathetic and caring you are, sometimes you will take the path that best suits you instead of thinking about the wants and needs of others in your life. And that’s okay. But in family therapy, your counselor helps to establish a middle ground from which every member of your family can benefit from. To truly heal or strengthen your relationship within your family unit, it’s vital that you take steps designed with each member in mind. 

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If you believe that your family could benefit from family therapy near Elmhurst, please give Life Insight a call. Our therapists are trained, licensed, and experienced in helping families much like your own to heal, grow, and truly flourish as a family unit.

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