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For children, especially in today’s world where technology, information, and globalization are both helping and hurting humanity, life can be difficult to navigate. Indeed, while some children may remain cheerful and carefree during their growing years, other children will have a more difficult time navigating school, friends, relationships, and even family life. There are also some children who are victims of traumatic events. 

For children who need a little extra help making sense of the world around them and learning how to function in it in a way that is healthy, counseling can help. Our child therapists in Hinsdale are available to provide your child with the support they need. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Signs that Your Child May Need the Help of a Hinsdale Child Therapist

For parents, especially those who haven’t sought therapy themselves in the past, the idea of calling a child therapist can be intimidating, and perhaps even a last-resort option in a parent’s mind. But working with a child therapist can be extremely beneficial. Some signs that your child may be able to benefit from child therapy include:

  • Your child has started expressing bad feelings about themselves;
  • Your child is struggling with behavior issues, including acting out or acting violently;
  • Your child is suffering from anxiety or excessive worry;
  • Your child is being bullied or is bullying others;
  • Your child is not expressing the same level of interest in things they once liked or is not eating or sleeping as normal;
  • Your child is engaging in self-destructive or obsessive behaviors; or
  • Your child has experienced a major life change (divorce) or traumatic event (sexual assault) or loss (death of a parent or friend). 

Why Is Child Therapy Effective?

While not all therapies that are used for children and young people are effective, at Life Insight, we used proven methods that get results. Child therapy can be effective because:

  • Therapy provides a child with a safe space to express themselves;
  • Therapy helps children understand and express their emotions in a positive way;
  • Therapy can teach children coping and communication techniques; 
  • Therapy can help to boost self-esteem and confidence in a child. 

At Life Insight, we use a few different child therapy methods depending on the child’s age and the reason why therapy is necessary. Play therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, psychotherapy, and family therapy are all options. As a parent, we will guide you through the therapy type that we think will be most effective, as well as guide you through how you can contribute to your child’s therapy and overall wellbeing, too.

Reach Out to Our Child Therapist in Hinsdale Today

Watching your child struggle with a behavior or emotional issue, grief or loss, or another problem can be very painful for a parent. At Life Insight, our child therapist in Hinsdale wants you to know that there is help available. To learn more about our child therapy services and how we can serve you, please call us directly or send us a message telling us more about your child and their needs.

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