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Loss is among the most difficult events anyone will ever go through. When you lose someone who’s irreplaceable to you, you may feel a range of strong, uncontrollable emotions. You aren’t alone: our therapists at Life Insight are right beside you, prepared to help you overcome your grief. Our Brookfield grief therapy services will help you explore your grief and find healthy ways to manage it. We offer our deepest sympathy and utmost support during life’s most challenging moments.  

Signs and Symptoms of Grief

Grief refers to the intense, lingering feelings of sadness after a loss. You may experience guilt, anger, disbelief and more. Grief is a normal part of any loss, but it becomes an issue only when your behaviors are affected. For instance, if you’re struggling to manage your grief, you might:

  • Experience appetite changes, such as overeating or not eating at all
  • Feel intense anger that results in outbursts
  • Struggle to return to a “normal” routine
  • Feel disconnected from others

These are all signs that you are dealing with something very complex. While you may feel lost, know that our therapists are here for you. 

Benefits of Brookfield Grief Therapy

Grief comes in all kinds of different forms.No one experienced grief in the exact same way. At Life Insight, our therapists are trained to help you work through your grief in a way that works best for you. We prioritize your best interests, helping you identify and overcome unhealthy reactions to the grief. 

Many times, when people are grieving, they may retreat into their own world. You may feel confused and anxious, especially if your loved one passed away unexpectedly. Others may be angry and prone to emotional outbursts that feel uncontrollable. No matter how you’re processing your grief, our therapists will help you develop an effective coping strategy that minimizes distress and helps you heal the wounds. 

How Our Services Work

Life Insight aims to make therapy accessible. After an intake appointment, we will match you with one of our compassionate therapists. You will spend the next several weeks—or however long your path to healing takes you—exploring your grief. Our counseling center is a safe place, meaning you will not be judged. You are encouraged to speak freely since our sessions are confidential. 

As we work with you, you will identify which stages of grief you are at. You may try exercises to help you identify the different facets of your grief. What was your relationship to the person, and how will your life change without them? These questions can be uncomfortable to approach, but with the help of our therapist, you’ll be able to tackle them, ultimately gaining a better understanding of your feelings. 

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If you find yourself unable to cope with grief, call Life Insight. Our therapists offer a compassionate shoulder to lean on during this time. We’ll help you get back on your feet as you work with us. Discover how our Brookfield grief therapy services can help you. 

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