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Addiction is a complex disorder. Often it can seem like recovery is impossible, especially if you are watching a loved one suffer from addiction. It’s important to remember that addicts aren’t the only ones affected by the disease. Those that love and care for someone experiencing addiction often suffer just as much. It is difficult to watch a loved one go down an often isolating path of addiction, but there are steps you can take to assist in their recovery. When looking for addiction therapy in La Grange, the therapists at Life Insight are here for you. 

What You Can Do

Finding out a loved one is suffering from addiction can be an overwhelming time, especially if you are unfamiliar with the disease and the steps to take towards recovery. You do not have to feel helpless; however, as there are many things you can do to assist your loved one in their journey to recovery.

  • Educate yourself. on the topic of addiction and treatment options. Misinformation is not conducive to a successful treatment. Looking at reputable resources and talking with an addiction therapist can help you get the necessary information to assist your loved one in recovery.
  • Stop ignoring the issue. It is easy to turn a blind eye and not get involved in your loved one’s addiction. However, confronting the issue head-on and with a well fleshed-out plan can make the task less intimidating. Our licensed therapists can help you in devising a plan and preparing to speak with your loved one.
  • Create and maintain boundaries. Boundaries are designed to protect you and your loved one and keep them accountable for their actions. Setting rules such as zero-tolerance in your household, a strict curfew, and refusing to loan money in financial hardships due to addiction are great starting points when deciding on the boundaries you should set in place.
  • Do not force treatment. While you may know and understand that treatment is the best option for your loved one, forcing them into therapy can do more harm than good. For treatment to successful, an addict must truly want to be there and get better.
  • Do not give up. One of the worst things an addict can hear in their journey to recovery is that a loved one does not believe they can get better. Staying positive, supportive, and strong sets a positive example for addicts and encourages them to seek and stay in treatment.

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The first step in recovery is reaching out for help. That can be difficult for addicts. Either they do not want to admit they have a problem or believe they truly do not have a problem. As a loved one, you can help jump-start the recovery process by researching treatment options and contacting a therapist specializing in addiction. Reach out to one of our experienced La Grange addiction therapists to set up an appointment today.

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