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We feel anxiety in our minds and bodies; constant worry or feeling sick to your stomach, an inability to slow down thoughts or focus, always feeling overwhelmed or fearful when you walk down the hall. Anxiety can be all of these things and more and it’s a rotten way to live each day.

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Depression is like a weight that we carry around all the time and it makes everything about life more difficult. Sometimes depression looks like we would expect; sadness, hopelessness, not experiencing joy, or suicidal thoughts.

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Eating Disorders

There are large numbers of women and men, girls and boys, who suffer from eating disorders and the cluster of issues that often go hand in hand like negative body image, feelings of shame or guilt and low self-esteem. An eating disorder is an ineffective coping skill where one uses their relationship with food and body to manage life.

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Adolescent & Teen Counseling

Now, more than ever, it is hard being a teenager. Today’s teens face more pressure, less free time, higher social expectations and thanks to social media, no anonymity to make mistakes. The developmental goal of adolescence is to develop as a unique person and this can be a struggle for the healthiest of teens.

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Relationship & Family Counseling

The quality of our relationships, be it with peers, family, or intimates is in direct proportion to our life satisfaction, but sometimes they’re not always easy to navigate. If you would like to increase social confidence, be better in relationships or have deeper, more meaningful connections, we can help.

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Life Transitions

One given about life is that time keeps marching forward, regardless of whether we’d like it to slow down, stop or even go back a little bit. Another given is that things change as time moves on and some of those changes can be really difficult!

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Trauma is the emotional response we have to a a deeply distressing or disturbing experience and is usually classified into two categories: Big T and Little T traumas. Big T traumas are those that would challenge the coping ability of most people. Things like being a victim of violence, witnessing an awful accident, rape or a life threatening experience will often come with some level of emotional distress and possible PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

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Coaching & Goal Setting

Some of our clients are looking for a different approach to personal growth and coaching is an effective way to achieve goals. Coaching differs from counseling and therapy in that it is focused on present functioning and moving forward in a different manner.

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Stress Management

Do you know what it means and feels like to not be stressed? Adolescents and adults alike are stressed out and so many of our clients come in answering that question with a big fat no! We all experience stress in different doses from good and bad events, but sometimes it gets to be too much and stress can wreak havoc on our brains and bodies.

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As therapists, one of the ways we learn most effectively is working with another clinician in supervision. This practice allows exploration of cases and our own responses and interventions in a judgment free environment. We provide clinical supervision and consultation to those working towards licensure or seasoned clinicians looking for support and professional development.

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