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Preparing for Your First Appointment with a Therapist

July 17, 2023

Deciding to visit a therapist for the first time is a big step toward mental wellness. However, despite knowing that your therapist appointment can benefit you, it’s common to experience anxiety surrounding the unknowns of your first appointment. Preparing for your first appointment with a therapist will reduce the stress associated with your meeting. Below are some tips to get ready for your first therapist appointment and reduce your fear of the unknown. Life Insight therapists are supportive and will make sure your boundaries are followed.

What to Bring

One potential source of anxiety when preparing for your first appointment with a therapist is wondering what to bring with you. When you schedule your appointment, your therapist may tell you to bring specific information, such as an insurance card, if applicable. However, bringing other items to your first appointment may benefit you in sparking conversation with your therapist. First, if you journal, consider bringing your notes to share if relevant to your condition. Further, if you take any medication, bring a list of the ones that you are currently on and ones that you have tried in the past. This list should include both prescription and over-the-counter drugs or supplements. Lastly, if there are any items that make you feel more comfortable, such as a fidget spinner or blanket, consider bringing those to soothe your anxiety.

Things to Think About Before Your Appointment

While you don’t necessarily have to prepare for what you will say or talk about during your first therapy appointment, thinking about your life introspectively will save you from more prolonged periods of silence if your therapist asks you a question. These periods of silence could be productive for you in therapy, but they may cause anxiety in your first appointment. One thing to think about is your goals for treatment. Knowing why you decided to seek therapy and what you hope to gain from it can give your therapist a better picture of why you are there. Additionally, it will help to think about significant events in your life, like developmental milestones, medical history, your work or school timeline and experiences, and any other significant events that impacted your life, such as the loss of a loved one. This information can help your therapist see how past situations could have contributed to your current lifestyle. By thinking about these events ahead of time, they may be easier to recall in the moment.

Questions to Ask Your Therapist

Your first therapy session is not just for your therapist to get to know you – it is also the time for you to meet and connect with them. Consider preparing a set of questions that you’d like them to answer. Some questions you may want to ask include:

  • What’s your area of expertise?
  • Can you describe the therapeutic process and techniques you typically use?
  • How often do you suggest we meet and why?

Your Life Insight counselor will always answer all the questions you have to make you feel comfortable during your first appointment.

Come Talk to Your Therapist Today

Once you’ve scheduled your first therapy appointment, try your best to show up and talk. Though the thought of your first appointment may be nerve-wracking, your therapist at Life Insight will do their part to always make you feel comfortable and welcomed. To schedule your first appointment with our welcoming therapists, contact us today.

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