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Life Insight Counseling & Therapy Services

At Life Insight, our Hinsdale Therapists offer clients a wide range of treatment options. We can help. Life can be challenging, but you don’t have to go it alone. If you are ready to stop struggling and enjoy what life has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. We offer therapy and counseling services […]

Child and Family Counseling

It’s a Big World Out There. Many Kids Need Help Navigating It. Everything, from school to friends, sports to extracurricular activities, can leave your child feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. This can lead to less than ideal behavior. Kids act out for various reasons. The first step in dealing with meltdowns, defiance, or withdrawal is uncovering […]

Trauma and PTSD Counseling

Lessen the Hold. Treat PTSD and Trauma. Trauma is the emotional response we have to a deeply distressing or disturbing experience and is usually classified into two categories: Big T and Little T traumas. Big T traumas are those that would challenge the coping ability of most people, things like being a victim of violence, […]

Transition Coaching

Journey Through Life’s Curveballs. Enjoy Every Moment. Transition Coaching Can Get YOU There. An extraordinary, fulfilled life comes with different life transitions. Sending the first or last child off to college, ending a relationship, entering a new decade, graduating from college at 22 or 52, a pregnancy, or moving to a new city can all […]

Anxiety Counseling and Therapy

You Are Stronger Than You Think. The road towards your best self may feel like an uphill battle for those who struggle with Anxiety. It can be a constant worry or feeling sick to your stomach; we feel anxiety both physically and mentally, in your mind and body. For many people, therapy can be helpful in […]

Life Coaching & Personal Development Coaching

Improve Your Life. Seek Insights & Goal Setting Clarity. Your goals may be in front of you, but clarifying what they are and how to get them may be the piece that’s standing in your way. Achieve those goals with a different approach to personal growth: life coaching. If you’ve been asking yourself how to […]

Family and Relationship Counseling

“Life is relationships. The rest is just details,” Gary Smalley Increase your social confidence, improve your relationships, or have deeper, more meaningful connections. Our life satisfaction is in direct proportion to the quality of our relationships. Be it with peers, family, or partners, relationships are not always easy to navigate. Even the strongest relationships sometimes […]

Teen Counseling

It is Hard Being a Teenager.  Let us help your teen and family find more peace. Teens now face more pressure, less free time, higher social expectations, and thanks to social media, no anonymity to make mistakes. They navigate their school, activities, and relationships with parents and peers; simultaneously, the body and brain can throw a […]

Eating Disorder Treatment

Develop a New Relationship with Yourself and Food. YOU are more than your eating disorder; eating disorders AND eating disorder treatment are about more than just food. There are large numbers of women and men, girls and boys, who suffer from eating disorders and the cluster of issues that often go hand-in-hand like negative body […]