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Eating Disorder Treatment Downers Grove

Eating disorders can impact anyone, regardless of age or gender, and appear in various forms. Those who suffer from disordered eating or distorted body image can eat too little or too much and become fixated with the way their body looks or their weight. To help you overcome these struggles, the therapists at Life Insight offer comprehensive eating disorder treatment near Downers Grove. If you or someone that you love is enduring an eating disorder, please call our Hinsdale office to schedule an appointment.

Understanding Eating Disorders

Anorexia and bulimia are two most well known and discussed eating disorders, there are several ways in which eating disorders can manifest themselves. In addition to these two disorders, our highly trained therapists can provide treatment for various eating disorders, including:

  • Binge eating
  • Compulsive exercising
  • Negative body image
  • Guilt and shame surrounding food

Regardless of the type of disorder your suffering from, it’s vital to seek treatment from a licensed professional. It’s important to understand that eating disorders rarely stem solely from issues with food. Instead, those who suffer from these disorders are often seeking control of their life, have experienced trauma, or suffer from mental illness in conjunction with their eating disorder. 

Treating Your Eating Disorder

One of the primary forms of eating disorder treatment near Downers Grove is talk therapy. This form of therapy is when you meet with your therapist to discuss your disorder and explore the disorder’s feelings and behaviors. When you meet with a therapist at Life Insight, you will partake in a customized treatment plan designed with your specific disorder and needs in mind. Through collaboration with your regular physician and a licensed dietitian or nutritionist, your therapist will help you to set treatment goals, identify obstacles that may prevent you from completing treatment, and uncover effective solutions to address mental and physical issues that you may face due to your eating disorder.

We also always encourage your family to be involved in your treatment. Life Insight strives to provide the appropriate resources to clients and their loved ones to better understand the process and support you during recovery. We work with families to help them assist you in restoring healthy eating patterns and work through the disorder together. We know the road to recovery healing may be a bumpy one, but we’re here to assist in patching up the potholes and make it just a little easier for all involved.

Overcome Your Eating Disorder with Life Insight

When you turn to Life Insight for eating disorder treatment near Downers Grove, our licensed therapists will help you build your arsenal of coping mechanisms so that you can manage difficult emotions and overcome day-to-day challenges. Just as we’ve helped many clients in the past, Life Insight can assist you in finding lasting happiness and freedom from your disorder. Contact our Hinsdale therapy team to schedule an appointment with a therapist who specializes in eating disorders.

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