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While there is often a perception that a family or a relationship should exist without conflict, this is unrealistic – even the happiest of families and couples suffer discord and issues that must be resolved. Resolving these issues in a way that is healthy is important; when issues are not resolved in a way that is healthy, problems can burgeon, often persisting for years and causing long-term damage to relationships. At Life Insight, we offer Downers Grove family and relationship counseling that is designed to help parties communicate and resolve problems in a way that is effective and productive.

The Benefits of Family and Relationship Counseling

A family can benefit from counseling when the family has experienced a traumatic event; when a member of the family is suffering from a psychological, physical, or substance abuse issue; or simply when there are discord and communication problems within the family. Couples can benefit from relationship counseling when there is a large amount of contention and fighting in the relationship, when they are planning for a life change together (i.e., moving in together, getting married, having a baby), or when there is a specific issue that needs to be resolved, such as adultery. There are many benefits of relationship and family counseling, including:

  • Improved communication. Communication issues are at the heart of most relationship issues. By learning how to identify your needs and express these needs better, as well as listen to the needs of others you care about, you can significantly improve the quality of your relationships.
  • Resolution and forgiveness. Often, relationship and family issues stem from problems that happened long ago that have never been resolved. By addressing the issue head-on, working through it, and offering forgiveness and getting closure, a relationship is often able to move forward in a more productive way.
  • Learning about yourself. Often, we become so wrapped up in our emotions that it’s hard to see whether or not how we’re acting is healthy and positive. By taking a step back, you can learn a lot about yourself, your personal insecurities, and how your personality and actions play a role in your relationship.
  • Improved bonding. Whether you are seeking therapy with a member of your family or a romantic partner, therapy that is successful often results in improved bonding and the strengthening of your relationship.

Our Therapists Are Here to Help

At Life Insight, our therapists are not here to “take sides” or play favorites during therapy; instead, it is our role to facilitate healthy conversations between parties, help each party to identify negative thinking patterns and beliefs that may be contributing to problems, and provide some effective resolutions for moving forward and creating more trust in the relationship/family. We know that talking to a third-party therapist can feel invasive; this is your private life. We know how sensitive these matters are and always approach conversations appropriately.

To learn more about family and relationship counseling in Downers Grove and how therapy may serve you and your loved one(s), please call Life Insight directly today or use the form on our website to send us a message and tell us more about how we can be of service.

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