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A loving, lasting partnership is something that many people aspire to achieve. Yet marriage often involves many twists and turns that we may not be prepared for. If you and your loved one have encountered a rough patch, or if you’re trying to rekindle your bond after infidelity or past challenges, therapy may be right for you. Life Insight is committed to helping couples rediscover what brought them together in the first place and navigate life’s difficulties together. We can help you forge a new bond and heal past wounds through compassionate Burr Ridge marriage counseling. Call us to schedule an appointment. 

What Is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling is a type of therapy that focuses on issues pertaining to marriage. In a typical session, both spouses will be present to openly discuss their thoughts with a licensed professional working as a mediator. Their therapist can then provide advice and offer guidance as they work together to resolve outstanding issues. 

Each session is an opportunity for both spouses to voice their true feelings. It can be challenging to speak up about an issue in your relationship, especially if doing so dissolves into arguments. Know that our therapists can serve as mediators to ensure the conversation is productive and focused. Life Insight is here for you every step of the way. We understand that starting therapy can be challenging, so we offer compassionate support when you need it the most. Let us help you with your challenges as the therapists you rely on the most. 

Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Marriage takes commitment, love and trust. At the heart of your bond lies acceptance, and you and your partner want to rediscover that mutual connection. Marriage counseling may be a good option, no matter what stage of your marriage you are at. Our patients at Life Insight can move forward with the help of our therapists

  • Address Infidelity. Therapy is a place where you can discuss infidelity and other difficult topics with someone who understands. If you or your partner have cheated, we can help address that behavior and determine what may be causing those choices. If the cheating is in the past, we can help both spouses heal and move forward. 
  • Improve Communication. Any good relationship requires communication to stand the test of time. If you and your partner have trouble discussing issues, especially without arguing or fighting, we can help you both develop healthier communication skills to make it easier to discuss your problems openly. Concealing matters often leads to resentment, confusion and deceit, so learning to talk openly to your partner and eliciting a healthy response can improve your bond significantly. 
  • Rekindle Love. As the years pass by and couples exit the “honeymoon” stage of their marriage, they may be weighed down by responsibilities. Whether you struggle with balancing parental duties or need better emotional support, we can ensure you and your spouse can communicate each others’ needs and answer them in kind. 

Get Started With Burr Ridge Marriage Counseling

If you are interested in learning more about Burr Ridge marriage counseling and its benefits, talk to our therapists. We’re here to help you and your partner untangle your problems and deepen your bond. 

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