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The Social Club @ Life Insight

The Social Club is a 6-week group designed to help teach kids ages 8-11 social skills like managing emotions, perspective-taking, and self-confidence in...

8 Springtime Self-Care Rituals

We made it! Happy first day of spring! The weather is finally actually thawing out and we can officially say winter is over...

Decoding Common Therapy Approaches

Have you ever searched for a therapist and read a bunch of acronyms (PCT, ACT, DBT, XYZ?) defining how they work and you're...

Decluttering the Mind

Written by Kirsten Kaiser, Marketing Director This past weekend, my husband and I rearranged our bedroom. We cleaned up the messy corners of...

Three Secrets to Following Through on Your Goals

You know that thing where you set out with these amazing goals and ideas for things that you would like to accomplish and...

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